Raise Your Small Business's Visibility With B2b Marketing Online

If your competitors are not yet running sophisticated online campaigns, you have early-mover advantage.And if they are, you need to catch up. Blogging Is Best The first step in your online B2B effort should be to establish yourself as an expert. Show potential customers that youre not simply a salesman but an authority. Prove youve done some thinking in your field by creating content thats not just promotional but informative. Blogging here is massively important, Bodnar said. Its probably the single fastest way to build traffic and inbound links to your B2B website. HubSpot research shows that the more a company blogs, the more new customers it attracts. <br>For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.forbes.com/sites/capitalonespark/2013/09/17/raise-your-small-businesss-visibility-with-b2b-marketing-online/

The School of Internet Marketing Instructor on Using Outside Content to Build a Community

Goodman commented on this documentary that discussed the premise that Google had approached universities and national libraries about having their books scanned and added to Google's database. Lawsuits ensued, but Goodman feels they missed the big picture of what Google is trying to do. Google and other search engines can read people's search requests but they can't understand the intent behind them. If a person types in a word that has a double meaning, search engines may select responses based on the most popular meaning rather than the intended meaning. <br>For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://dvdcreation.digitalmedianet.com/article/The-School-of-Internet-Marketing-Instructor-on-Why-Google-Needs-More-Data-2807463

The School of Internet Marketing Instructor on Why Google Needs More Data

This proves that not all content has to be original as long as it is properly attributed and provides value to the reader. "We want people to feel that the website you created for them is a place that they can continually come back to and get information from." Jonathan Goodman A website can segment RSS feeds from other sources into its news stream, but it must include original content to be well-rounded. Goodman advises putting the feeds into their own category and marking them so they aren't indexed by Google. By combining original content with high-quality outside content, businesses can build a community of loyal followers. They will spread the brand by tweeting the message of the website and liking the content and sharing it on Facebook. This introduces the website to new people and helps to grow the community while providing valuable and relevant content to its followers. <br>For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://dvdcreation.digitalmedianet.com/article/The-School-of-Internet-Marketing-Instructor-on-Using-Outside-Content-to-Build-a-Community-2804094

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